Activity Report

(NEW) Looking forward to having the school opened     New Primary School

Jul 26, 2018

The construction work of the Primary School at Ou Takorng village which had started in early April this year has been almost finishing.
There was an incident of the basement parts of building under construction had been submerged. However, the work was progressing well since then, and it has completed recently. The study desk and chairs were brought in to individual class rooms, and it became the stage of clearing and leveling the surroundings area and the field.

As the handover ceremony is scheduled in early October and the official opening of the school shall be on November 1st at the time of the semester start, the detailed preparation is continuing.

At Ou Takorng village in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia where the post landmine field and Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extend the support have no Primary school. Therefore, over 160 school-age children are forced to commute to schools in other villages nearby diversified. The nearest school from the village is located about 3 kilometer in distance and it takes about one hour for child by walking. GEJ had been receiving the strong request for building the primary school at Ou Takorng village since some time ago. After deep consideration, GEJ decided to build the school with own fund for this year.
This school shall be the 5th school which GEJ build in this country.

School-age children in Ou Takorng village are looking forward to having their school opened soon.

Children commute to the Primary school at Ruesseiros village which is nearest and it takes about one hour each way.

New Primary school

Children come to see it one after another       It was named Ou Takorng GEJ Primary school

              Surroundings of the school building are clearing and leveling

The doors and windows were installed         The commemoration plate was installed

       Desks for children and teachers were brought in, and the blackboard was installed


                        Toilet has also completed