Activity Report

(NEW) Pond is drying up       Vegetable gardening training

Aug 1, 2018

Various vegetables are growing as the positive result of Vegetable gardening training at villages on post landmine field, Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan extend the support together with Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (PDAFF) of Battambang.
The training for the first year and follow up courses for farmers of 5 villages had started in early May. Since then, several sessions had been held for how to prepare the good compost, watering method, pest control method and others with lectures and practices. In early June, after the session of practicing sowing, various kinds of vegetable seeds had been distributed to the attendants.
After practicing sowing, famers sowed the seeds individually, and vegetables were growing without any trouble. One of the farmers participated could sell his surplus product in market nearby.

However, due to the no rain for more than 10 days, these places have been experiencing the drought and those vegetable were start affected of short of water.
Farmers are worrying about this situation deeply now.
Let’s hope to have the optimum rain.

At Bosampor village and its No.2 (Boeng Krasal village separated from Bosampor village);
1)This farmer is not experiencing the drought but found the soil of farm land is drying up.

                    Long green beans is growing well

                    The bitter cucumber also in good shape

2)The own pond of this farmer dried up and vegetables start affected

The pond is dried up                    The growth of vegetable is slowing down

At Ou Takorng village;
1)This farmer has the pond almost drying up but still under the control

Can see the bottom of the pond             Watering to vegetables is essential

                Long green beans and cucumbers are growing well so far

2)As this farmer has not own pond, GEJ’s pond is the source of the water

Because of the GEJ’s pond is in distant, can not water sufficiently. But …

At Long green beans field of Mr. Houn Han in Chirok village;

Long green beans field. Picking fruits together with his wife

My name is Houn Han living in Chirok village since year 2000.
I attended the training of chicken raise, Rice cultivation, Mushroom from the beginning , and this year joined follow up training of Mushroom cultivation and Home Garden training by GEJ and PDAFF. Before joining, my method never succeeded. Chickens always had disease and died, Mushroom don’t know how to grow in the past. But after the training, it could help me very much.
This year the first time for me to cultivation Home Garden but follow the method my long green bean farm look good. Can harvest and sell average 18Kg to 20Kg per day. Thank you for the training.
But I worry about the recent drought in this area very much.