Activity Report

(NEW) Many farmers renewed their determination.    Agriculture training

Sep 3, 2018

At the end of August, more than 150 farmers who had been attending the Agriculture training provided by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) to support farmers who live on post mine field in Battambang Province, North West of the Kingdom of Cambodia have visited two successful farmers in agriculture at Sangker district in the same province.
This short trip was planned and organized by GEJ in conjunction with the counter partner of GEJ, Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (PDAFF) in Battambang, who has been training farmers actually.
It was for commemorating the completion and reviewing of both courses of Home Vegetable Gardening and Rice Cultivation.

Although within the same province, as very rarely go for out of villages, it was a good incentive for them to study harder.

Two farmers who received the farmers were trained by PDAFF before.

Vegetable farm in Chamlong village
The farmer explained how to succeed in the area of vegetable cultivation;
 Prepare well the cultivation ground and/or ridges considering longer usage.
 After harvesting, the soil at old ground and/or ridges has to be replaced and be added fertilizer.
 Always keep eyes on neighboring vegetable farmers what kind of vegetable they grow and
 pay effort to cultivate different ones from them for overwhelming advantage over them in
 the market.
This farmer has been keeping fresh vegetable always for immediate shipment as the place was located nearby of Battambang City.

Famers listen the explanation have nodded as the scale of production was different, the points to be consider was the same.

                 Farmers listened the explanation very carefully

        Leafy greens were major product in here and they grew very freshly

Rice cultivation farm in Reangsei village
The farmer explained that;
 Soft soil, good fertilizer and well selected seed rice were essential.
 Complete control of watering and removing weeds at rice field were required.
As seeing was believing, farmers were accepted by watching his rice field and have renewed their determination.

             At his dry area of rice, he explained with eagerness 

Rice grown thick and green in the field ,and ears of rice were hanging down in the other field