Students of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing visit the GEJ Project

Aug 18, 2014

NACEF(the Nursing Action for Children's Energetic Future is a volunteer club activity of students of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing founded in 2002. Since then, club members succeed to their activity from elder students to younger students.

Every year, they visit an orphanage in Cambodia for medical examination and health education of children.
This year, they visited Prey Preal GEJ Primary School and Rosseiro Kiezel Primary School of which school houses were built by GEJ.
13 members of NACEF implemented the medical examination and health education to more than 400 pupils in total of two schools.
At first, they made quiz to call children’s attention to health and nutrition and then checked condition of children such as:
-Oral hygiene
-Nail and
-Intestines (checked with stool scale)
They taught also the teeth brushing that may be the first experience for children.

==NACEF members lecturing to children==

==Children trying teeth brushing ==

Medical examination, children’s first experience

==Contents of examination in Khmer language==

==Check of lice==

==Check of oral hygiene ==

==Check of nail==

==Advising the correct teeth brushing==

==With pupils of Rosseiro Kiezel Primary school ==

==With pupils of Prey Preal GEJ Primary School==

Comment of Ms. Deguchi, representative of NACEF

We NACEF kept on contacting with children of one particular orphanage for more than 10 years for implementing health education and medical examination.
We feel that the health environment in this orphanage has been surely improved through the health education repeated every year.
For example, children who did not brushed teeth at first practice brushing three times a day actually.
This year, thinking that many other children may wait us out of the orphanage in Battambang province of Cambodia, we groped for new place and heard of above mentioned two primary schools.
Since it was first activity that we tried out of orphanage, we visited the primary school with mixed feeling of hope and anxiety.
However, when we arrived there, we found that the pupils should feel so as us because it was first experience for them.
Being nervous at first, we really wished to initiate what we know and pupils wished learn it.
Trying to understand each other, we exchange spontaneously faint smile.
 Due to the lack of experience of work with such number of children, we faced to unexpected happenings.
But thanks to cooperation of teachers of the school and GEJ local staff, we finally achieved our mission.
 Through the visit, we found several problems, for example, the pupils could not find correct answer of quiz that Japanese pupils of same age can easily guess.
Result of medical examination shows that the nutrition is not sufficient for many pupils.
 Reflecting on the observation acquired this year, we will continue health education and medical examination from next year.
Same time, when we implement our activity, we have to be conscious to respect local culture and custom because they have their particular meanings.
  This year, NACEF took new step of activity as visit of primary schools.
We express our feeling of gratitude to members of GEJ and numerous supporters for realization of this new activity.
  We NACEF will continue not only to initiate children but also to learn together with them.

Haruka Deguchi
3rd year of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Representative 2014 of NACEF

We GEJ also express our feeling of gratitude to the NACEF implementing activity that is not covered by our activity.
We will be happy to cooperate in the future.