Enlarging Ring of heartfelt warm support.

Mar 25, 2015

GEJ has received a donation from Head Office Branch of Hitachi Kenki Labor Union.

8 years have passed since GEJ has started its activities to help Cambodian people to rebuild their livelihood.
During the period, GEJ has done PR on its activities and received a lot of support from various hands and such support ring in enlarging year by year.
This time, Head Office Branch of Hitachi Kenki Labor Union gave GEJ a donation money which they got from their charity fair.
Many members of the Union have participated “Bunkyo Festival, Volunteer & Civic Movement” and have donated the proceeds of charity fair for “Cambodian Children” to GEJ.
GEJ would like to deliver something which links to “Smiles of Children” by consulting with the Union.

  Received the list of donation.                                                                                                Memorial photo with Hitachi Kenki Union members.

Received the list of donation.                Handicapped play the drums.

Union Booth is ready for charity fair.           Very successful charity fair.

GEJ will surely deliver your “Warm Heart” to Cambodian children and report you how it has been delivered in near future.