Maintain villager’s life-line, restoring damaged road from flood

Nov 2, 2015

GEJ support villagers to do maintenance work of village road by themselves.
However, outside help is required to restore flood damages. Recently, the road connecting to Tomnuttakun, Prey Preal and Russairo was damaged a bit heavily due to flood at around 2 parts of installed culvert.
After consultation with related departments of Battambang City, restoration started by using ADB (Asian Development Bank) fund.
In addition, GEJ has rehabilitated the signboard of Prey Preal school, which became shabby. GEJ continue to perform support activities with the field investigation.

◆Damages area (around culvert)◆        ◆Replacing one row culvert◆

◆Repair work around 3 row culvert◆     ◆Prey Preal school signboard
                                          after rehabilitation◆