The gathering of expressing sympathy of villagers to Kumamoto earthquake

Apr 22, 2016

On April 21, at the Pagoda in Russairo Village of Battambang Province, CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Center) and the beneficiaries°« communities of support from Japan have organized an event pray for the people who affected by Kumamoto earthquake on April 16.

Monks and villagers prayed for the victims of earthquake and the soonest recovery

Monks and villagers of Russairo villages watched the disastrous photos of broken infrastructure and houses by the earthquake, and expressed their sympathy.

Similar gathering should be held at the other villages till April 27.

°Š°Š°Š°ŠReported by Mr. Chan Sambath of CMAC Battambang City °Š°Š°Š°Š