Enlarging the Ring of heartfelt warm support

Apr 4, 2016

Have received the donation from the people of Osaka Branch of Suzuki Tosou Co.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent.
Mr. Komiya of the Osaka Branch of Suzuki Tosou Co., who joined the Study Tour which was organized for experiencing the GEJ activities in Cambodia last year had placed the GEJs charity box in their office after returning the tour.
Mr. Komiya decided it as the tour motivated him to contribute something starting from what
he could do remembering the smiling faces of Cambodian children.
This time, Mr. Komiya very kindly visited the GEJ Office for handing the donation over to GEJ
which was raised by the people of Osaka Branch of Suzuki Tosou Co. with heartfelt warm wishes.

Thank you who donated.
GEJ will utilize them for the support activities in Cambodia.

Handed over from Mr. Komiya (Left)