Enlarging the Ring of heartfelt warm support No.2

Apr 19, 2016

There are two Charity Boxes of GEJ placed at Kasumigaura Institute of Hitachi construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) where is at the lakeside of Kasumigaura Lake in Ibaragi Prefecture.

On both days of April 5 and 19, GEJ have received the heartfelt warm donation which was put in
to those Charity Boxes.

a) Donation at Instructor’s Room of Skill Education Sec., Global Technical Center

From Instructors of Global Technical Center     Charity Box at Instructor’s Room

b) Donation in the Charity Box placed at the Entrance of Main building at Kasumigaura Institute

Charity Box at the entrance               From Mr. Ozawa of Administration Sec.

Thank you people of Instructors, students and others who donated.

The donation handed over this time shall be used for supporting the activities in Cambodia.
The activities of GEJ for supporting the people living in post-mine-cleared area in Cambodia to become more independent are backed up by the donation and member ship fee from the supporters.