Blue uniform attracted on the ground in Cambodia again this year!

Feb 13, 2017

The second Football class for children has been held at the ground in Battambang City on both day of February 4th and 5th.
It was sponsored and organized by Japan Professional Football League, Division 1 member, Ventforet Kofu (VFK) and Nikken Corporation for the purpose of promoting International friendship through the Football class.
This time, 7 coaching staffs of VFK and two top management, Messrs. Amemiya, of Nikken Corporation have attended, and invited 40 children of the football lovers under 12 years old around the Battambang city and 20 members of Female Football team named Mighty Girls of Sport And Leadership Training Academy (SALT Academy) an organization which trains young leaders and youth through a community based football program, incorporating life skills lessons and vocational training. The children who attended the classes have learnt very hard for getting the techniques and better way to play Football.

Thank you, coaching staffs of VFK and others for your hard work under the strong and direct sunlight with more than 30 degree Celsius temperature.

GEJ’s staffs helped to organize and to put it into action as the one of backing activities, in addition to its main activity of helping farmers who live on the post- minefield in Battambang Province for improvement of their life and for them to become independent.

Opening of the class                    Technical lesson for Mighty Girls


Practical game among children              The uniforms, Balls and others were presented
                                  to children