Cultivated better understanding on the support activities

Jan 22, 2018

All volunteer tour members of Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. (Tierra Co.) who visited the Kingdom of Cambodia for inspecting the support activities of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for farmers who live on post landmine field have returned safely with their satisfaction on January 21 in spite of their hard travelling schedule and severe climate there.

Tierra Co. is the one of Hitachi construction Machinery Co., Ltd. group companies and produces Mini Excavators, and the one of corporate social support members of GEJ in Japan.
They have visited and studied the activities of GEJ’s counter partners such as Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) as well as their landmine clearing work field, Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) in Battambang City, and Schools, Roads, Ponds etc. which were built by GEJ at villages of Battambang Province. They also visited the successful farmer, Mr. Kok Tra who attended the Mushroom cultivation training which was conducted by GEJ and PDA, and observed and studied the cultivation.
Furthermore, they could visit the primary school with a newly built dormitory of teachers in Prahop village which had been built with the fund based on the donation from Tierra Co. and others in June last year , and have exchanged relationship with teachers and students.

Members commented “By seeing and experiencing the negative legacy such as landmines etc. and effort of revival works with the supports during this tour, we strongly realized that we are living in peace in Japan. We would like to work more to expand the support activities to there”.

Thank you for your visit tour members!

GEJ look forward to having more people know the real situation there and participate to the support activities.

Visited GEJ Office in Phnom Penh
With GEJ’s Mr. Sambath

Received the explanation of Landmines in Cambodia at CMAC and met with Mr. Heng Ratana, Director General

Visited PDA and observed the Mushroom Spawn
Production facility

Visited Mr. Kok Tra and studied the Mushroom cultivation

Visited landmine clearing field              At pond GEJ built

In front of Teacher’s dormitory of Primary School which Tierra Co., donated

Together with school children
and teachers