Mar 13, 2018

(NEW) Waiting you at Kasumigaura Marathon 2018

On April 15, Sunday, Kasumigaura Marathon and International Blind Marathon 2018 shall be held along the shores of Lake Kasumigaura in Ibaraki Prefecture, and Good Earth Japan (GEJ) will participate in the event setting up a booth for promoting the support activities for the farmers who live on the post minefield in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
The events includes Full Marathon (42.195 km), 10 Mile Run (approx. 16.09 km), 5km Run, and Wheelchair Race (42.195 km), and about 25,000 runners will be there.

GEJ will exhibit the photo panels and other materials for explaining the activities to have more sympathizers on the support at the booth shall be located in Athletics Stadium in Kawaguchi Athletic Park, Tsuchiura City.
Please drop in at our booth if you are ever around there, and listen to our explanation.

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Jan 22, 2018

Cultivated better understanding on the support activities

All volunteer tour members of Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. (Tierra Co.) who visited the Kingdom of Cambodia for inspecting the support activities of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for farmers who live on post landmine field have returned safely with their satisfaction on January 21 in spite of their hard travelling schedule and severe climate there.

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Jul 19, 2017

They are very happy with the Teacher’s dormitory newly built

As informed with the activities report of dated June 20, the Teacher’s dormitory of the Primary school at Prahop village which is located on the post minefield field in Battambang Province, northwest of the kingdom of Cambodia had completed.

On July 7, the small scale handover ceremony of it was held and the appreciation letter from the heads of primary school and the Education bureau of Bavel district was handed over to Good Earth Japan (GEJ).

Due to the poor conditions of road and transport in the area, it has been very difficult for teachers to commute from their houses to the school every day. Then, teachers had occupied one of the classrooms of school for living and office work.
The request by villagers to construct the teacher’s dormitory for opening up the room for school children, and improve the life of teachers for them to concentrate their teaching work had been passed to GEJ since some time ago.
The request had been realized with the fund based on the donation from three companies of Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd., Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and the construction work had been completed recently.

With the good timing, Mr. Teradaira who is one of directors of GEJ has been visiting there for the other business could attend the ceremony.

Now, the class room which was occupied by teachers is opened for the class, and teachers can concentrate to the school work with full happiness.

Handed the appreciation letter               The letter of appreciation

One of the room. Teacher is very happy with it     The kitchen for common use

Together with the happy teachers             With the upper grades school children

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Jun 5, 2017

Let’s read more books!

Recently, the Book Shelves and some Picture Books have been donated to Russairo Kiesel Primary School and Prey Preal GEJ Primary School in Battambang Province, Cambodia which are supported by Good Earth Japan (GEJ).
The donation was realized with the fund based on the contribution by school children of Hatsukari Primary School in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan.
The contribution was raised by collecting and selling the empty cans by the school children.

From children of both Schools ; Thank you school children of Hatsukari Primary School!

The contribution from school children of Hatsukari Primary School had started since some years ago. November, 2015, the visitors from GEJ’s counter partners like Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) , Provincial Department of Rural Development (PDRD) of Battambang Province in Cambodia had paid a courtesy visit to the school and promoted friendly relations.

GEJ support people who live on the post landmine field for them to become independent and also serve as a bridge of friendships between school children of Japan and Cambodia

Russairo Kiesel Primary School

Handed Book shelves and books over at the gate   Surrounding the shelves named
                                  Hatsukari Primary school

Donated Shelves and books (Right hand)

Prey Preal GEJ Primary School

Handed over Ceremony at the gate           Who read them first?

The Book Shelves placed at the corner of the class room

Some photos from the visit to Hatsukari Primary School by Cambodian in November , 2015

At the entrance hall of the school            Welcome party was held by children

Pounding steamed rice into cake-like dough      Together with children

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Apr 17, 2017

Getting stronger tie of the support

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) has received the donation which was dropped in to the collection box placed at the office of Osaka Branch of Messrs. Suzuki Tosou Co. ,and the contribution by the Safety and Health management Committee of the same branch on April 13.
Mr. Komiya who is the key person of the activities of the contributions, kindly stopped over GEJ’s office together with above donation and handed them over to GEJ on his way of business trip to Tokyo.
He participated GEJ’s Cambodia Study tour the year before last and realized the necessity of support for famers and children there, and he was encouraged to do something remembering the smiling faces of children there.

Thank you who donated.
GEJ will utilize those whole heart contribution for the support activities in Cambodia.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post-land mines field to become independent.

Mr. Komiya (left) and GEJ’s secretary-general

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Apr 10, 2017

Cheerful singing voices spread across the school

On April 5, 12 members of “Heritage” including Mr. Kenichi Iwasaki have visited Pray Peal GEJ Primary School which Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support and had a gathering to promote friendly relation with the students there.
“Heritage” is the abbreviation of “Heritage Music Festival”, a group of musicians, organizing and performing the festival at the Kawaguchi Lake in Yamanashi Prefecture every year since 1999.
The earning from the events were donated/used for the children in Cambodia through the support of schools etc.
The group had built a school at suburb of Phnom Penh. They donate their earning and supplied things every year, and visit Cambodia bringing those contributions for interacting with children directly.
This time, they have visited Pray Peal GEJ Primary School which is Mr. Iwasaki visited once before, and played instruments and sang songs followed by games for enjoying the contact.
Furthermore, they donated school supplies and tooth brush etc. to the students.
Thank you members of “Heritage”.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure like construction school for children.

The students listen the songs and music played by member of “Heritage”.

Student also sang songs                 Posed with given pencils

Played with Balloon passing game

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Feb 27, 2017

Your kindness was conveyed

In October, 2016, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) participated to the Global Festa Japan 2016 which was held at Center Promenade of Odaiba in Tokyo. At the Festa, GEJ received the 2 groups of students from Tokyo Jogakkan Junior High School who were studying the social contribution through NPO activities at the booth. The outline of the GEJ’s activities was explained and they took an interest in the GEJ’s activities of supporting local people who live on the post minefield to become independent and its background. At the end of their visit to the booth, GEJ had agreed to have another session for further detailed explanation and discussion at GEJ’s office in February, 2017. The visit was realized on this February 1. The students have visited GEJ office and had the meaningful session followed by animated questions and answers. After the session, just the time of leaving, they have passed a small token of their gratitude from their allowance asking to use for GEJ’s activities.
At their school, they made presentation as for the conclusion of their study expressing on their feeling of importance and necessity of the support to Cambodian people through NPO.
The donation given together with other contribution have sent to Cambodia for purchasing and distributing the school supplies such as Pencils, Note books, Reading books and Posters for school children at Slappan Primary School which is one of schools supported by GEJ in Battambang Province, Northwest of Cambodia.

Thank you students! Your small donation expanded circle of the support.

The visit at Global Fest in last October        The session of Feb. 1, they were very serious

On Feb. 24, distributed the school supplies      Thanks student of Tokyo Jogakkan
                                  Junior High School

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Feb 13, 2017

Blue uniform attracted on the ground in Cambodia again this year!

The second Football class for children has been held at the ground in Battambang City on both day of February 4th and 5th.
It was sponsored and organized by Japan Professional Football League, Division 1 member, Ventforet Kofu (VFK) and Nikken Corporation for the purpose of promoting International friendship through the Football class.
This time, 7 coaching staffs of VFK and two top management, Messrs. Amemiya, of Nikken Corporation have attended, and invited 40 children of the football lovers under 12 years old around the Battambang city and 20 members of Female Football team named Mighty Girls of Sport And Leadership Training Academy (SALT Academy) an organization which trains young leaders and youth through a community based football program, incorporating life skills lessons and vocational training. The children who attended the classes have learnt very hard for getting the techniques and better way to play Football.

Thank you, coaching staffs of VFK and others for your hard work under the strong and direct sunlight with more than 30 degree Celsius temperature.

GEJ’s staffs helped to organize and to put it into action as the one of backing activities, in addition to its main activity of helping farmers who live on the post- minefield in Battambang Province for improvement of their life and for them to become independent.

Opening of the class                    Technical lesson for Mighty Girls


Practical game among children              The uniforms, Balls and others were presented
                                  to children

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Nov 28, 2016

GEJ was given the medal of ”Royal Order of Sahametrei” of Cambodia

On November 24, at Russairo Village in Battambang Province where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) support, the inauguration ceremony for the achievements of the Program for integrated Mine clearance and Landmine victim Assistance Phase II and the commencement of the Program Phase III was held.
At the ceremony, GEJ has received the medal of “Royal Order of Sahametrei”(“Medal of friendship”) of the Kingdom of Cambodia which is granted to foreign people who specially contributed to the His Majesty of King and the nation from the Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng.
This award is for expressing the appreciation and recognition of GEJ’s activities of Agriculture training, construction of infrastructure and improvement of education facilities for the farmers who live on the post mine site for them to become independent for the past ten years.
It is because of warm support by you, GEJ members. Your continued support on GEJ’s activities shall be highly appreciated.

Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng, Mr. Heng Ratana, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of CMAC(Cambodian Mine Action Centre), Governor Chan Sophal of Battambang Province , Japanese Ambassador H. Horinouchi and other VIP’s were attended the ceremony.
In addition to above, other Japanese people work for Mine action organization and CMAC employee, and villagers nearby in total 2,800 people were there.

The medal was given by D. P. Minister to GEJ’s Director     The medal of
                                         “Royal Order of Sahametrei”

Over view of the ceremony ground           Ambassador of Japan & D.P. Minister observed
                                 the products by farmer of Russairo village

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Nov 14, 2016

The construction contract had been signed.

The construction works for improving of the 1.2 Km length farm road with laterite coverage and for a new pond at Bosampor village, and for a new pond at Chirok village which reported with WEB News on November 1st has become more realistic.

On November 8, the contract for construction of those road and ponds had been signed between Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) as Contractor and Good Earth Japan (GEJ) as owner at the head quarter of CMAC in Cambodia.
Mr. Heng Ratana, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of CMAC who signed the contract on behalf of CMAC commented that remembering the severe drought experienced this year in Cambodia, this kind of big pond for the villages should be very important and beneficial for living and for farming. He thanked the GEJ’s activities and hoped the continued support by GEJ for the villagers living at post mine field to become independent.

As commencement of pond construction at Chirok village shall be the after the rice harvesting around the end of this year, the total completion of this project shall be the February next year.

GEJ will pay attention to the progress of construction work avoiding any delay till the completion.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

Signing ceremony of the contract at CMAC

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Nov 1, 2016

Villager’s wish shall be realized very soon !

On October 26, the big meetings were held at the villages of Bosampor and Chirok in Battambang Province at north western part of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan(GEJ) extend the support.
The meetings were organized for explaining and getting the consensus with villagers by the representative of GEJ upon the decision of recent GEJ’s Board of Directors meeting which approved the improvement of 1.2 Km length farm road with laterite coverage and the construction of a pond at Bosampor village, and construction of a pond at Chirok village.
Those issues had been asked from these villages sometime ago and it shall be realized soon.

At Bosampor village, 108 farmers out of 120 families have attended the meeting with the strong interest and gladness. At the meeting, farmers have committed to maintain and repair the road and pond by themselves.
At Chirok village, 64 farmers out of 113 families have attended. Farmers suggested to have a fence at the slope of pond for preventing it from damages by animals, and they have committed to put it by themselves.

GEJ continue to support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure.

1.Meeting at Bosampor Village

Many farmers were gathered.

The current farm road. The only farm tractor can pass the rough and paddles on road after the rain.

2.Meeting at Chirok village

Farmers have been listening with attention.

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Aug 25, 2016

Letter of appreciation by Kheleang Meas Commune has handed over to GEJ

On August 9, during the Agri Festa at Boursankrea village, Battambang Province in Cambodia, the letter of appreciation for the support activities extended to the village and its neighboring by GEJ was handed over   to GEJ by Kheleang Meas Commune chief. Kheleang Meas Commune covers the villages of Boursankrea and others.

The handed over ceremony was held in front of many people of the Bavel District chief, the representatives of PDA(Provincial Department of Agriculture), CMAC(Cambodian Mine Action Centre), PDRD (Provincial Department of Rural Development), the group of GEJ Cambodia Study Tour who were visiting there from Japan and the local farmers.

GEJ has started to support farmers at Boursankrea village through the Agriculture Training such as Rice and Mushroom cultivation, and Home Vegetable gardening with PDA since year 2014.

It is the indication that GEJ’s activities supporting farmers at post land mine area to become independent through the development of farm land, improvement of agricultural technology and living environment in Cambodia have been recognized and regarded.

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May 13, 2016

Ponds built by GEJ in Cambodia still keep their level of water

As informed with activity report of dated April 24, “Shortage of Water! Fight of Adlay cultivation”, Battambang Province of Cambodia was facing the severe drought causing the shortage of water for agricultural cultivation. Everybody there had been praying for the rain.

Taking the situation seriously, GEJ asked its representative in Cambodia to check the condition of Ponds which GEJ ever constructed for farmers who live on the post minefield in Cambodia on his way of business trip and report. Today, we received the result of his inspection.
The inspection was carried out on two days of May 9 and 11.
Although one of the 26 Ponds GEJ ever constructed had been drying out of water but the rest of them were still had enough water for use. Cambodia was in short of rainfall causing severe drought problem but Ponds built by GEJ were still in usable for supplying water to farmland.

It is still unpredictable but it is reported that at around the middle of May there were little rainfall around area.
However, your kind cooperation of praying for the rain fall till the level of water in the Ponds become full shall be appreciated.

1) Andok Dammuoy village, Ratanakkmondol District
  Among 3 Ponds, one had enough water, one had getting lower level of
  water and the last one was completely dried out.

No.1 OK                            No. 2 Completely dried out

No.3 Getting lower level of water             No.3-1 Enlarged the left, Cow was …

2) Rasmesonha village, Ratanakkmondol District
  All four of them had the enough water. Around 2 Ponds among them had a small rain recently.

No. 1 OK                            No. 2 OK

No. 3 OK                            No. 4 OK

3) Kokchou village, Ratanakkmondol District
  Two of them had the water level in usable.

No. 1 OK                            No.2 OK

 4) Otakon village, Banan District
  There was some water still but…


5) Korsvay village, Ratanakkmondol District
  There was still some water.


6) Russairo village, Banan district
  Two Ponds there had the ample level of water.

No.1 OK                            No.2 OK

7) Trepeankbarsuva village, Bavel District
  Two Ponds there had the ample level of water.

No.1 OK                            No.2 OK

8) Prahop village, Bavel District
  Two Ponds there had the ample level of water.

No.1 OK                            No.2 OK

9) Prey Preal village, Bavel District
  Three Ponds had still keep some level of water.

No.1 OK                            No.2 OK

No.3 OK

10) Tomnuttakun, Bavel district
   Two Ponds there had the ample level of water.

No.1 OK                            No.2 OK

11) Toulsnul village, Bavel District
   Four Ponds there had the ample level of water.

No.1 OK                            No.2 OK

No.3 OK                            No.4 OK

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Apr 22, 2016

The gathering of expressing sympathy of villagers to Kumamoto earthquake

On April 21, at the Pagoda in Russairo Village of Battambang Province, CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Center) and the beneficiaries’ communities of support from Japan have organized an event pray for the people who affected by Kumamoto earthquake on April 16.

Monks and villagers prayed for the victims of earthquake and the soonest recovery

Monks and villagers of Russairo villages watched the disastrous photos of broken infrastructure and houses by the earthquake, and expressed their sympathy.

Similar gathering should be held at the other villages till April 27.

====Reported by Mr. Chan Sambath of CMAC Battambang City ====

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Apr 19, 2016

Enlarging the Ring of heartfelt warm support No.2

There are two Charity Boxes of GEJ placed at Kasumigaura Institute of Hitachi construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) where is at the lakeside of Kasumigaura Lake in Ibaragi Prefecture.

On both days of April 5 and 19, GEJ have received the heartfelt warm donation which was put in
to those Charity Boxes.

a) Donation at Instructor’s Room of Skill Education Sec., Global Technical Center

From Instructors of Global Technical Center     Charity Box at Instructor’s Room

b) Donation in the Charity Box placed at the Entrance of Main building at Kasumigaura Institute

Charity Box at the entrance               From Mr. Ozawa of Administration Sec.

Thank you people of Instructors, students and others who donated.

The donation handed over this time shall be used for supporting the activities in Cambodia.
The activities of GEJ for supporting the people living in post-mine-cleared area in Cambodia to become more independent are backed up by the donation and member ship fee from the supporters.

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Apr 4, 2016

Enlarging the Ring of heartfelt warm support

Have received the donation from the people of Osaka Branch of Suzuki Tosou Co.

GEJ support farmers who live on the post-mined field to become independent.
Mr. Komiya of the Osaka Branch of Suzuki Tosou Co., who joined the Study Tour which was organized for experiencing the GEJ activities in Cambodia last year had placed the GEJ’s charity box in their office after returning the tour.
Mr. Komiya decided it as the tour motivated him to contribute something starting from what
he could do remembering the smiling faces of Cambodian children.
This time, Mr. Komiya very kindly visited the GEJ Office for handing the donation over to GEJ
which was raised by the people of Osaka Branch of Suzuki Tosou Co. with heartfelt warm wishes.

Thank you who donated.
GEJ will utilize them for the support activities in Cambodia.

Handed over from Mr. Komiya (Left)

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Feb 15, 2016

Ventforet Kofu held the Football class for Cambodian youth at Battambang

The Football class was held at a ground in Battambang city nearby to the GEJ’s activities area for the Infrastructure development and Agricultural training on the post-minefield.
The class was sponsored and organized by Japan Professional Football League, Division 1 member, Ventforet Kofu and Nikken Corporation for the purpose of promoting International friendship through the Football class.
Ventfort Kofu had similar classes at Myanmar and Laos before. This time, 2 days class of February 6 and 7 was taken place inviting the youth of the football lovers under 12 years old around the Battambang city and Female Football team named Mighty Girls of Sport And Leadership Training Academy (SALT Academy) an organization which trains young leaders and youth through a community based football program, incorporating life skills lessons and vocational training.
The attended youth have been given very precise and professional ways of lesson by coaching staffs of Ventforet Kofu.
This class was realized by enthusiasm to support Cambodia of Mr. Amemiya, President of Nikken Corporation which has long relation with there through Demining Machines business as well as Overseas Project Manager of Ventforet Kofu, and cooperation by Hakubaku Co., Ltd. and GEJ.

Thank you, coaching staffs of Ventforet Kofu and others for your hard work under the strong and direct sunlight!

The youth is divided into group             Hard training of basic movements to Mighty Girls

Summarization                        Let’s fly in to the future from Battambang!

Comment by Miss. Suern Vipha (14 years old) of Mighty Girls.
The very high level of play techniques was taught from coaches from Japan within this two days. I would like to visit Japan and play with Japanese Girls Team in the future.

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Dec 25, 2015

Land Mines disposers will concentrate more on their task

On December 22nd, 2015, official handover ceremony of the Primary School with dormitory of teachers and the Farm Road for people who work for disposing Land Mines and Unexploded Bombs was held at Koas Krallor District in Battambang Province of Cambodia. Governor of Battambang Province Mr. Chan Sophal, Director General of CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre) Mr. Heng Ratana, President of Nikken Corporation Mr. Amemiya, Director General of GEJ, school children who shall go to the school and other local people were gathered for attending the ceremony.

The land area of 180,000 square meter which was cleaned off the Land Mines have been developed to the housing complex and farm land for about 1,300 families of mine disposers to become independent.

The school was built with the fund of donation from Nikken Corporation through GEJ . Nikken Corporation has a long time relation to Cambodia with producing and supplying Demining Machines under their social contribution policy.
Beside, the 4 Km distance of main Farm Road which pass through the center of farm lands was also completed. It was named as “GEJ Road” and will contribute the farming activities and transport of people and crops.

The member of study tour organized by Yamanashi International Association in Japan and assisted by GEJ have attended the ceremony and promoted the friendship with local people and student too.

There are wide areas of buried with Land Mines remain in Cambodia still.
As GEJ is the counter-partner of CMAC, GEJ will continue to support CMAC, and will extend hands to people who are going to live on the cleared land of Land Mines.
Thus, the continued assistance by GEJ supporters and contributors shall be highly appreciated.

Tape cutting at the gate                  Banner decorating the gate

Primary School Building                  Plaque commemorating the activities

Purification by Monks                   Speech by Mr. Amemiya

Speech by GEJ Director General            Group photo together with Student

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Nov 19, 2015

Cambodian partners visited Japan to convey appreciation for supports

3 persons of Cambodian partners have visited Japan to convey appreciation to various supporters of GEJ.
They visited 5 supporters during their stay, "Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan" "Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd." "Yamanashi International Association" "Hatsukari Primary School in Otsuki City" "Nikken Corporation".

◆With Ambassador of Cambodia, Her Excellency Chea Kimtha◆


◆With Representative Director of GEJ, Mr. Koji Sumioka (Center, back row)◆

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Nov 2, 2015

Maintain villager’s life-line, restoring damaged road from flood

GEJ support villagers to do maintenance work of village road by themselves.
However, outside help is required to restore flood damages. Recently, the road connecting to Tomnuttakun, Prey Preal and Russairo was damaged a bit heavily due to flood at around 2 parts of installed culvert.
After consultation with related departments of Battambang City, restoration started by using ADB (Asian Development Bank) fund.
In addition, GEJ has rehabilitated the signboard of Prey Preal school, which became shabby. GEJ continue to perform support activities with the field investigation.
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Mar 25, 2015

Enlarging Ring of heartfelt warm support.

GEJ has received a donation from Head Office Branch of Hitachi Kenki Labor Union.

8 years have passed since GEJ has started its activities to help Cambodian people to rebuild their livelihood.
During the period, GEJ has done PR on its activities and received a lot of support from various hands and such support ring in enlarging year by year.
This time, Head Office Branch of Hitachi Kenki Labor Union gave GEJ a donation money which they got from their charity fair.
Many members of the Union have participated “Bunkyo Festival, Volunteer & Civic Movement” and have donated the proceeds of charity fair for “Cambodian Children” to GEJ.
GEJ would like to deliver something which links to “Smiles of Children” by consulting with the Union.

  Received the list of donation.                                                                                                Memorial photo with Hitachi Kenki Union members.

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Jan 14, 2015

Well maintained roads even after 4 years from completion

GEJ does not aim to give something but aims to realize self reliance of people. In this point of view, we watch always whether follow up maintenance seminar after completion of infrastructure development are well settled in people’s life. When we went to the survey of new project area we passed beside farm roads connecting Rasmei sangha village, Kork chor village and Andoek doubmoi village. Then we observed that the roads were well maintained by villagers and happily convinced that your support to our activity brought good result.

Farm road connecting Rasmei sangha village and Andoek doubmoi village

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Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

Dear Sir/Madam

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Sambath family.

Best Wish

Mornh Sambath
GEJ Cambodia office Deputy Representative

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Dec 20, 2014

Seen while going to survey

GEJ staffs visit the area of which residents ask us the support.
After implementation of project, staffs go to monitor the progress and condition of activities.
These are necessary to verify that the resources donated to us are correctly used.
While visiting the area, seen and landscape of rural life delight the eyes of our staffs.
Followings are some of seen in Boursankrea village and Tomunuttakun village.
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Dec 13, 2014

Survey of requests for new project in 2015

GEJ implements projects for enhancement of villagers’ livelihood in the area where landmines were cleared by CMAC (Cambodian Mine Action Centre).
In parallel with follow up activities for the area where the projects were already started, we survey new projects based upon our mission and the requests from communities.
New requests for 2015 were brought us through our counterparts such as CMAC and organizations of Battambang province.
Communities newly requested us the projects are Ou Tanhean village, Chirok village, Phnom Khpos village and Bosanpor village (shown in orange color in the map bellow).

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Dec 11, 2014

Dormitory for teachers of Prey Preal village will be completed soon

Construction work of the dormitory for teachers requested from villagers has been started beside the school house of Prey Preal primary school.
The work will be soon completed then teachers will enjoy their private life.

◆Dormitory almost completed◆

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Dec 10, 2014

Presentation of GEJ activity in Siem Reap

On 7th December 2014, Angkor Wat International Half Marathon was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia. GEJ made a presentation to the tour group of Japanese NGO, Hearts of Gold, participants of the marathon. The presentation was made in the CMAC Siem Reap Demining Unit office. To the presentation, some JICA staff dispatched to Cambodia also attended.

◆◆Participants hearing presentation◆◆    ◆◆Memorial photo at CMAC ◆◆   Read More

Oct 24, 2014

Hekisuikai group visited GEJ project

Members of Hekisuikai (Suppliers’ association to Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra) organize regularly overseas study tour to enlarge their experience.
This year they visited Prey Preal GEJ Primary School and minefield to see clearance work in Cambodia.
At the school, they were welcomed by pupils and enjoyed jumping rope with them.
Members of Hekisuikai offered soccer balls to pupils as a present.
After playing with tour members, pupils were happy to receive a notebook to study and a bread and water for lunch.
Then, members of Hekisuikai visited minefield and were surprized with unimaginable hard work of the mine clearance.

◆ Memorial photo with pupils ◆

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Sep 5, 2014

All together at an orphanage in Battambang province

Commemorating 7th anniversary of GEJ, we organized “Agri-Cultural Festival” named “GEJ Festa in Cambodia” to confirm the achievement of our activity in these years with villagers.
In this occasion, many friendships were born.
To organize the Agri-Cultural Festival, we proposed the collaboration to institutions in Battambang province and Ms. Iwata who supports an orphanage “HOC” agreed to join us with children.
Before the festival, Mr. Iwasaki and Mr. Otagiri who teach singing for the festival visited the orphanage to organize a small singing party.
On same day, by chance, 8 students of Tsuda College visited the orphanage for their study tour and joined not only to the singing party but also to the Agri-Cultural Festival.
It is very nice to develop the links with more people.

==Performance of Mr. Iwasaki and Mr. Otagiri==

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Sep 1, 2014

“Oinarisan” and “Pumpkin Pudding” 

In GEJ Cambodia study tour of 2014, several options were planned. This is news on one of the option of the tour: cuisine exchange in familiar restaurant café in Phnom Penh “SUNTA”. It is exchange of recipe between” Japanese cuisine” and “Cambodian dessert”. On 21st August 2014, 4 of 15 tour members joined to this option. As Japanese cuisine, “Makizushi (rolled sushi)” and “Oinarisan (pouch of fried bean curd stuffed with vinegared rice)” and as, Cambodian dessert, “Pumpkin Pudding” were selected. It was a nice exchange.

Going to purchase of ingredients by Tuk-tuk      Selecting ingredients of sushi

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